VOLSPA Consignment Agreement

VOLSPA (volspa.com) enters into a consignment agreement with you, the Consignor. Consignor warrants to VOLSPA that the Consignor has full title to the Merchandise consigned. Consignor also warrants that all information regarding the Merchandise consigned is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge.
By accepting this agreement, the Consignor acknowledges all of the following statements.

Consignor Rights & Responsabilities:

1.)      Consignor retains rights of owership to the Merchandise distributed to VOLSPA until Merchandise is sold. Consignor agrees that VOLSPA is hereby appointed, and is acting solely as, agent for the Consignor in selling the Merchandise.

2.)      Consignor is solely responsiable for the delivery, as well as any associated shipping fees, of Merchandise to VOLSPA.

3.)      Consignor is responsiable for ensuring that Merchandise complies with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. See FTC Labeling Rules for more information. Failure to meet FTC regulations will result in a fee, assessed on a per case basis by VOLSPA, to be paid by the Consignor and will result in a delay with in-processing of Merchandise.

4.)      All accepted Merchandise will be stored by VOLSPA, in a secure locations, from the date of acceptance through either the sale of the Merchandise or completion of the Consignment Window (90 days), whichever occurs first.

5.)      During the time in which VOLSPA is in possession of Consignor's Merchandise. VOLSPA will be responsiable for any damage or loss of Merchandise due to VOLSPA's negligence, in accordance to State laws. Consigner acknowledges that VOLSPA maintains an inventory control system to prevent negligent loss of Merchandise, and deter against thefts. However, VOLSPA will not be held responsiable for the loss or damage of Merchandise due to theft, fire, water damage, or any other casualty as a result of forces outside of VOLSPA's control.

Acceptance of Merchandise for Consignment:

1.)      Merchandise will not be accepted without the Consignor's agreement to the terms as they are laid out in this document, which is subject to change at any given time without notice.

2.)      VOLSPA reserves the right to refuse or discount, any Merchandise found to have flaws and/or defects; as well as, any Merchandise that does not meet VOLSPA's Acceptable Merchandise policy, during in-processing.

3.)      Consignor will be notified should VOLSPA choose to refuse any Merchandise, at this time it is the Consignor's responsability to pay any shipping fees associated with returning the Merchandise to the Consignor. If the Consignor should choose NOT to have Merchandise returned, VOLSPA will donate the Merchandise to an organization of their choosing.

4.)      All Merchandise accepted by VOLSPA for consignment will be subject to the Consignment Window, which is 90 days. The Consignor may choose to have any unsold Merchandise returned after the 90 day period, at the expense of the Consignor. In addition, the Consignor may ask to have their Consignment Window extended an additional 60 days, extensions are at the discretion of VOLSPA. Lastly, should the Consignor choose not to respond to inquiries, within 14 days of the Consignment Window closing, VOLSPA retains the right to extend the Consignment Window automatically or donate the Merchandise to an organization of VOLSPA's choosing.

Acceptable Merchandise:

1.)      VOLSPA only accepts Merchandise from approved Consignor's, please complete the short online application in order to be approved to sell with VOLSPA.

2.)      All Merchandise must be handmade in its entirety or in part, NOT 100% manufactured, by an individual or group of individuals; and all Merchandise must be new, VOLSPA does not consign used goods. VOLSPA reserves the right to refuse any Merchandise that it feels does not fit this criteria.

3.)      VOLSPA accepts a wide range of handmade clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. At this time VOLSPA does not accept shoes; however handbags, scarves, belts & buckles, as well as jewelry are accepted.

If you are unsure, whether or not your products meet our criteria Contact Us, prior to shipping your Merchandise.

Merchandise Pricing:

1.)      Consignor determins the list price of Merchandise. If a list price is not provided by the Consignor, VOLSPA reserves the right to list the Merchandise at a fair price determined by market value, materials, embellishments, and quality; with the intent to sell the Merchandise at the highest potential profit.

2.)      VOLSPA reserves the right to sell items at discounted prices for special promotions, and to keep inventory moving.

3.)      VOLSPA reserves the right to hold Promotional Giveaways, as a marketing tool; in the event a Consignor's Merchandise is dispensed for a Promotional Giveaway, VOLSPA will be responsable for purchasing the Merchandise at the full list price and the Consignor will recieve the 75% consignment, as normal.

Payment from Sale of Merchandise:

Consignor will recieve 75% consignment of the final Sale Price. Sale Price refers to the actual price at which the Merchandise was sold, after disounts, this is not to include the use of VOLSPA gift cards. All consignment payments are made between the 1st and 5th of every month, for the previous calender month. All payments are made via PayPal, the Consignor is responsiable for setting up a PayPal account and providing VOLSPA with accurate up to date payment information (PayPal Email Address) in order to recieve payments. Consignor is responsiable for any fees associated with accepting payment(s) for goods through PayPal. If the Consignor's payment information should change for any reason it is the Consignor's responsability to make VOLSPA aware of these changes.

Termination of Agreement:

VOLSPA has the right to terminate this agreement at any given time, without notice. Termination may occur for one of the following reasons:

1.)      Termination of Website: At any time, VOLSPA may elect to terminate this agreement. If such termination does occur the Consignor will be notified and will have the option to have any unsold Merchandise returned, at the Consignor's expense, and a PayPal deposit will be issued for any owed payments on sold Merchandise. Consignor may choose to donate unsold Merchandise to an organization of VOLSPA's choosing.

2.) Agreement Violation: If this agreement is violated by the Consignor than Merchandise will be returned to the Consignor, at the Consignor's expense. Any Merchandise not claimed by the Consignor after 14 days will become the property of VOLSPA and may be donated to an organization of VOLSPA's choosing.

This contract is governed by and shall be interpruted under the laws of the state of Georgia.